This large 36×36 painting is filled with cool blues and greens, warm whites and orange highlights. The expressive mark-making with ink and graphite gives this piece a great deal of movement and excitement.

This 36×36 mixed media painting on canvas has sweeping open spaces as well as delicate detailed areas that call to mind birds flying through an open sky. Birds often symbolize freedom and renewal. This painting is an ode to joy and hope. Egrets Flying High can be purchased at Taylor Blue Design in Berkeley, CA.

The many layers in this large painting brought to mind all the different views and perspectives that can collide in the heat of the moment. 40×40 mixed media on canvas, sealed and varnished.

This dramatic abstract landscape was painted around the time of the Winter Solstice, when I was looking forward to the beginning of longer days and brighter light. I love the light, but light only glows, as it does in this painting, in relation to the darkness that it strikes. This piece is 36×36 inches, mixed […]

This painting is available through the West Coast Biennial Exhibition at Turtle Bay where it won second place. To purchase the painting please email; the price is $1200.00. I named this painting Light’s Echo because the gestural mark-making, the rhythmic movement and loose repetition of shapes is like an echo–only in this case it […]

The strong contrasts in this bold composition brought to mind the theory of the famous anthropologist, Gregory Bateson. He said that people pay attention to contrast, to differences. And we become more alert when there is news of a difference. The painting is 36×36 mixed media on canvas, sealed and varnished.

Birds often symbolize freedom and renewal. I named this large abstract landscape, with it’s pink light in a darkened sky, Night Migration to express a sense of hope emerging from a darker time. The painting is 40×40, mixed media on canvas, sealed and varnished.

This large abstract landscape uses a palette reminiscent of Redbud trees and the wildflower, Shooting Stars.  It also has the energy of shooting stars, with its diagonal composition and expressive mark-making. It is 40×50 mixed media on canvas, sealed and varnished. It has just been accepted to the 2021  juried Northwest Biennial exhibit and will […]

This large abstract landscape is full of movement and striking colors. It reminded me of the sweeping movement of bird wings. It is 36 x 48 inches, sealed and varnished.