Recently Sold Work

This dynamic piece, composed of pink, yellow, green and violet shapes was painted soon after a meditation retreat. It has a peaceful quality, despite the movement of it's lines and angles.
Morning Chant

Blue, gold abstract landscape with pink/orange highlights. The movement in the painting feels like rushing water. Strong movement often creates a slipstream that aids whatever follows in its wake.

Warmth Lingers 2

Mostly white oil painting, with pinks,orange and a very pale blue as highlights. The eddy in this piece is derived from the meandering lines carved into the oil paint when still wet, similar to the eddy lines in a river.
Winter’s Eddy

Small mountainous abstract landscapecreated with pinks and greens, and a splash of blue. The many layers of this oil painting are scratched through, creating lines and angles that enhance the craggy mountain feel of this painting.
Pink Moment 2

Dramatic abstract landscape of dark blues, green and white, with a fiery layer of orange and red emerging mysteriously from the background.
Windstorm 2

Blue and grey abstract landscape with flashes of turquoise. Subtle collaged pieces of dress patterning are incorporated to add interesting lines into a dramatically angled image.

Orange, ochre and green abstract landscape in oil, textured and lush, like the Autumn colors it portrays.,
Autumn’s Breath

Yellow and grey painting with underlayers of pink, red and blue. Bold composition and strong lines.
To Build a Bridge

Dark blues and greys with highlights of turquoise and red in a composition evoking a remote landscape.

A triptych of 12x12 paintings of a dramatic mountainous landscape in pinks, ochre and dark red.
Mountain Reverie

Forest of Stars